Schlider International

Schlider International Steel Contracting Co WLL was established in the year 2018 to undertake Mechanical & civil construction projects in the State of Kuwait, thus making its contribution to the economic
progress of the Country and the Government sector. Schlider International is widely recognized to be at the vanguard of the leading construction firms operating in the State of Kuwait.
Under the Management of Mr Fahad Saad Al-Nesafi, Chairman of the Group, a great emphasis was laid on safety, environment, quality control and timely completion which made the Group consistently meets stringent engineering and architectural specifications. Thus constantly ensuring high quality standards and achieving optimal level of clients’ satisfaction.
The Group’s continuous expansion in new areas with high potential and the consolidation of its position in those areas where it already operates are the objectives. To achieve these objectives a continual
improvements program in management efficiency and effectiveness of production methods is in place, which guarantee quality and reliability in delivering products to customers on time.
Schlider has a well-organized and well-disciplined multinational experienced work force of over 50 and owns a large fleet of Machineries which are capable to undertake any Mechanical & Services related Civil Engineering Projects.
Schlider has undertaken various challenging projects in many aspects of the construction sector as well as different petrochemical requirements. A large percentage of Schlider’s workforce has been associated with the Company for long period of time and hence the know-how, experience remains as a healthy
management backup expertise.
Schlider emphasizes on Quality than Quantity as the main objective for all its endeavor’s and gained confidence in full trust in the Construction Industry for its commitment, achievement with high degree of
professional approach with quality requirements. The Company has established its roots in the specialty of construction section in Kuwait and rated as one of the leading Contractors.


It is the policy of Schlider International to conduct all its operations in such a way as to provide a safe and healthy working environment so as to protect its employees, the sub-contractors, the general public and others from injury or ill health arising from our operations wherever they may be located both at the worksite and offsite camps, storage and warehousing / workshops etc. We believe in "Zero Accident Policy" and consider this policy as one of our targets. In brief we pursue the following objectives to attain our requirements: -

 Suitable protective clothing and equipment            Safe construction methods and practices.                  Well maintained plant and equipment.  Regular medical checkups.         Ensuring safety awareness by all  Ensuring environmental issues are addressed.  Regular Safety Training of Staff.  Conduct site safety inspection to insure safety compliance.


IThe top Management of Schlider International has a declared commitment to achieve business excellence by combining good quality management in all its activities and at all level of the organization.
In Order to achieve this commitment management has set the following objectives to, -

 Comply with specified contractual requirements            Ensure that our service is cost effective reliable, high quality and is delivered on time.                 WContinuously strive for improvement, through continues review and improvement of the system effective.  EA professional approach to customer interface is maintained at all times. Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period.